• Award Winning Aerialists Elsie & Serenity

    Award Winning Aerialists Elsie & Serenity

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"As a teacher of both fabrics and trapeze, I found the Intro to Teaching Aerials workshop to be very helpful. I appreciate the thought and care that Elsie and Serenity have put into exactly how and why they introduce each skill and how the best presentation can set a student up for greater success and faster progression with more complex skills. Also, having a review about spotting each trick is invaluable to setting up a culture of safety. I found the injury prevention sections to be useful with both my students and for myself as an aerialist."

Lissa M.

"I learned so much valuable information from the Teacher Training, I almost felt like I had to go home each night and empty out my brain in order to make room for the next day's info."

Marisa P.

"I had a group of 6 teenage boys for a week, basic aerials, and I implemented a lot of what we had covered on your Intro to Aerial Teacher Training, and I found it unbelievably effective! They all improved so much quicker than any other group I've had!"

Adie D. No Fit State Circus -- Introduction to Teaching Aerials

"I'm thrilled that I went to your workshop, your knowledge and understanding of the body is very inspiring. I believe my journey in this chosen field will flourish as a result of the techniques you taught."

Susie Mcdonagh, Introduction to Teaching Aerials

"The service you are providing to the circus community- and through supporting teachers, to the larger community, is remarkable. Thank you for creating such a great learning environment. The spirit in the folks at NECCA and Nimble Arts is generous and creative!"

Stephanie Monseu, Bindlestiff Family Circus

"Definitely check out NECCA/Nimble Arts' teacher training programs! The coaches are not only amazing at teaching spotting, skill progression, and class management skills, but also encourage trainees to think critically as teachers to provide a safe and positive training environment to students."

Kaeti Fraedi

"I now have the start of a fabric brain to build correctly with good form, I think every aspect of the programme I can take into other areas of my teaching on other apparatus, this will help become more confident and a more aware teacher to keep my students safe going forward."

Jo Dunwoody, Introduction to Teaching Aerials

"I just spent a great week with Serenity Forchion of Necca Circus (supported by the wonderful Lindsey Butcher and Naomi Elizabeth Giffen) doing her brilliant aerial teacher training course, and I am utterly blown away by what these processes of mindful diligent physical practice can achieve, not just in terms of aerial skills and safety, but for whole person wellbeing. Thank you Serenity for your great generosity and extraordinary acuity: this week has given me much more than I ever imagined it might."

Persephone Pearl, Introduction to Teaching Aerials

"I wanted to thank you for the workshop in July. I keep thinking about it with nostalgia. My skills on the trapeze have made a leap. And I have started spotting people on my trapeze, feeling much less worried as they do unexpected moves."

Julien Basch, Introduction to Teaching Aerials

. . .let me start by saying you all are magic. all of you not only instruct but are constantly supportive, encouraging and dedicated to each and every student, no matter what their level. your intitution really allows the brave to express their fearlessness and come a bit closer to their absolute potential. you gave me my wings... im sooooo greatful to each and everyone of you.

Stefano Brancato

"Elsie and Serenity are pioneers in the teaching of aerial arts, and are consummate artists and coaches. I cannot recommend them and the wonderful programs they've created enough!"

Laura Witwer of Luminosity, professional aerial duo

"Elsie and Serenity are such knowledgeable and generous teachers. They've helped me achieve many goals as a teacher/performer. Working with them feels safe, encouraging, joyful, and productive."

Natalie Agee, Performer/Trapeze Teacher in Brooklyn, NY

"I wanted you to know how much you both inspire me and that i feel you are hands down the best aerial coaches i have ever had the opportunity to work with. you are both patient, warm, encouraging, strong and healthy and are generally the models of how i want to coach. . .i talk about your workshops and recommend people to seek your classes out because anyone who has the opportunity to work with you is lucky."

Alisan Funk

'I just wanted to thank you again for the past week... definitely the most fun and most valuable time I've had in quite awhile! The classes and the show were both incredible. You guys are like rockstars to me."


"I want to thank you for the work you do . . . I've been directing this circus arts camp for seven years in a row without a single significant injury to any of our students, and I credit it in part to taking courses with you both. My shoulder injury (from skiing) is healed 100%, and I've even done some flying trapeze without a problem."

James Shubert

". . . how much I appreciate all you did this year in pulling the show together. We threw all new apparatus at you & you helped the troupers develop a whole new vocabulary in a VERY short period of time. It's a real tribute to your professional approach & dedication to your art. We were very lucky to have you!"

Ed LeClair; Executive Director of Circus Smirkus

". . .how much the teacher training workshops meant to me and what a positive effect it has had. It was the first time I've had open access to a large network of aerialist professionals and instructors. You and your coaches were so supportive and generous with your time and wealth of knowledge. I will forever be changed as a teacher and as a person."

Jackie Joy, Introduction to Teaching Aerials

"The Intro to Aerial Teaching workshop was absolutely eye opening for me; I don't think I ever truly knew how to teach absolute beginners until I worked with Elsie & Destiny. As someone with 20 years of dance training & years of professional performance experience, I felt it was hard to relate to students that may have no experience or training at all in dance, gymnastics, or movement. The way the broke down material was so effective & most importantly safe. I realized I had some gaps in my own curriculum and this workshop definitely refined my knowledge and has helped me to give my students the well rounded aerial education I WISH I had when I was a beginner."

Sarah K

I have studied a lot of anatomy in college and then again from a Yoga perspective. It never ceases to amaze me how much there is to learn. I left the aerial teacher training feeling like I understand my hollow body better then I ever have. I'm excited to add what I've learned to my collection of studies and be able to share my knowledge to keep new aerialists safe as I venture into teaching. I have definitely found another wonderful resource of knowledge in the world. I hope to come back and study with you all again soon.

Regina Armenta, Aerial teacher

"I just can't thank you enough for the time, attention and care you gave me throughout the aerial workshop. The workshop completely transformed my approach to training, and I've returned to New York with renewed passion and enjoyment of my trapeze lessons. . . It was obvious that you care as much about your students as people as you do about the skills they acquire."

Natalie D.

"Thank you so much for making the aerial workshop such an extraordinary experience. I learned so much and I was really impressed with your commitment to good teaching and to injury prevention. It was so clear that your teaching style develops whole-body athletes. The stretching, injury prevention and Pilates sessions have transformed the way I train."

Natalie D.