Creativity Cards™
  • Award Winning Aerialists Elsie & Serenity

    Award Winning Aerialists Elsie & Serenity

    Special Award from the Wuqiao Circus Festival, Bronze Medal at Albacete International Circus Festival, Vermont Governor's Excellence in the Arts Award, American Circus Educators' Excellence in Education Award - Check out our Acts

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    Aerial & Ground Acts

    We have an ensemble company of world class performers who can offer an array of aerial and ground acts as well as strolling and themed entertainment. - For More Info

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    Special Events

    Let us help you make your event the most talked about experience! Combine our award winning performers with our Freestanding Aerial Rig plus lighting package and have stunning entertainment -- weddings, award ceremonies, holiday parties, etc! - Photo Gallery

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    Aerial Teacher Trainings

    Hands on workshops offered around the world for new and experienced teachers on many apparatus - Progressive Teacher Trainings

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    Aerial Equipment for Sale

    By Aerialists, For Aerialists! Including regular & custom dyed aerial fabrics, trapezes and the rigging gear needed to use them. - Items Here

Creativity Cards™

Creativity Cards™
Creativity Cards™
Creativity Cards™

    Are you a choreographer for yourself or others?
    Do you get stuck sometimes trying to figure out how to get your creative flow going?
    Do you wonder how to get get inspired or instigate invention?
    You are not alone.

The Creative Journey can be arduous & demanding. For physical movers, the challenge is in body as well as mind & spirit. We offer these cards to instigate inspirations, for escaping ruts, refreshing perspective, moving forward. These were developed through work with aerialists, but are written so they can be used by all physical movers including dancers, acrobats, aerialists, mimes, clowns. . .

Use for yourself, a group of friends moving together, as a teacher. Enjoy the journey!

$45 each plus shipping (inquire for bulk resale orders)
US/Canada Shipping: $5, Overseas:$10
Plus 6% sales tax

Ideas for Use. . .
    • Commit to the one you pick at random.
    • Pick three & choose one you prefer.
    • One a day in order.
    • Pick four with a friend - choose from these for each other.
    • Pick two to do at the same time.
    • Or . . create your own game.

I do similar things with my students but it’s great to have this deck! There are prompts in here that I don’t do in the way you describe! Love it. Nancy E Smith, Frequent Flyers Aerial Dance

If you're looking for creative inspiration, these are your answer! Shuffle, draw, and bam - you have a creative puzzle to solve. Find new ways of generating material, get out of your rut, shake things up, and move in exciting new ways. Excellent in personal training and in teaching. Julia Langenberg, Aerial Horizon

We all get into ruts, find particular ways that our bodies like to move and certain aesthetics in poses and transitions that we find pleasing – the great thing about the Creativity Cards from Nimble Arts is that they provide a breath of fresh air to both personal training and teaching! Working with the Dance Degree students at Newcastle College the cards have really enabled the students to become creative, cast off inhibitions and to celebrate and create their own personal journeys and findings! As well as the physical elements the discussions and sharings afterwards have created a class dynamic that has really empowered the students.
Gillian Hutton PhD, Newcastle College


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About Nimble Arts
Nimble Arts was founded by identical twins Elsie Smith & Serenity Smith Forchion to create & inspire inventive works of theatrical circus. Their careers include Cirque du Soleil, Ringling Bros. & Barnum and Bailey, Pickle Family Circus, Pilobolus, et al. Their unique duo spinning trapeze act won Bronze at Albacete Circus Festival & Special Award at Wuqiao Festival. Their Nimble Arts ensemble show was honored to be invited guest at Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival. Elsie & Serenity are co-founders of the New England Center for Circus Arts, & received the Walter Cerf Excellence in the Arts Award & American Circus Educators Excellence in Education Award.