ENGLAND (Brighton) January 13 through 20 (various workshops)

ENGLAND (Brighton) January 13 through 20 (various workshops)

HOST: Gravity & Levity

We are settled on dates and workshops for our annual visit to the UK with Gravity & Levity in Brighton! And presenting at the Aerial Symposium immediately following. Registration will open in September - but save the date and stay tuned for more!

  • January 13-14 Aerial Silks Foundation Level Teacher Training (Prerequisite: Introduction to Teaching Aerials)

  • January 15-16 Aerial Silks Intermediate Level Teacher Training (Prerequisite: Foundation Level Teacher Training)

  • January 17-18 Nimble Arts Aerial Teachers' Gathering -- Two Days of Seminars, Workshops & Sharings; We've taught hundreds -- yup almost 700! - aerial teachers in our Nimble Arts aerial teacher training workshops worldwide. We thought it would be lovely to create a gathering for shared inquiry, learning, and inspiration. Built on responsive programming driven by the attendees’ requests. (Prerequisite: Introduction to Teaching Aerials)

  • January 19-20 Aerial Symposium The Pointe in Eastleigh

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