Certification Program
  • Award Winning Aerialists Elsie & Serenity

    Award Winning Aerialists Elsie & Serenity

    Special Award from the Wuqiao Circus Festival, Bronze Medal at Albacete International Circus Festival, Vermont Governor's Excellence in the Arts Award, American Circus Educators' Excellence in Education Award - Check out our Acts

  • Aerial & Ground Acts

    Aerial & Ground Acts

    We have an ensemble company of world class performers who can offer an array of aerial and ground acts as well as strolling and themed entertainment. - For More Info

  • Special Events

    Special Events

    Let us help you make your event the most talked about experience! Combine our award winning performers with our Freestanding Aerial Rig plus lighting package and have stunning entertainment -- weddings, award ceremonies, holiday parties, etc! - Photo Gallery

  • Aerial Teacher Trainings

    Aerial Teacher Trainings

    Hands on workshops offered around the world for new and experienced teachers on many apparatus - Progressive Teacher Trainings

  • Aerial Equipment for Sale

    Aerial Equipment for Sale

    By Aerialists, For Aerialists! Including regular & custom dyed aerial fabrics, trapezes and the rigging gear needed to use them. - Items Here

Certification Program

Nimble Arts™ Teacher Certification Program
$595 per concentration level
note: we plan to expand this program in the future to non-aerial skills, but currently only aerial trainings are offered

This program is for those who would like more personal guidance through the process of learning to be safe, confident and well rounded aerial instructors and a Certification. The program includes several module levels of training in the aerial apparatus of your choice, and upon successful completion of each level participants will receive a Certificate of Completion.

Before beginning the Certification Program, trainees must take the workshop Introduction to Teaching Aerials. Once you have completed this workshop trainees can apply to the Certification Program.

For full details about the Certification Course including completion requirements and fees, and the application forms, please review the Program Information