Nimble Arts offers Aerial Teacher Trainings as a series of workshops that provide in depth knowledge and guidance for anyone interested in becoming a more knowledgeable aerial teacher.

Elsie & Serenity bring unique knowledge from years as elite level aerialists as well as practitioners who began 'late' in life and had to really learn, not just 'do'. They understand the need for layered coaching that seeks to teach 'smart bodies' not just 'tricks' and bring together modalities from pilates, physical therapy, gyrotonics, circus, dance, gymnastics, fitness and agility training to offer a program designed for aerial teachers who want to know more about how the body 'works'. With this knowledge, trainees can be smarter about how to modify for children, people with different abilities, recreational enthusiasts, as well as aspiring professionals.

All participants begin with the 5-day (34 hour) workshop Introduction to Teaching Aerials, which develops a foundation of horizontal and vertical apparatus skills as well as coaching techniques, spotting skills, posture analysis, injury prevention, learning styles and curriculum planning. Participants then progress as they choose through shorter 2 & 3 day workshops to Foundation, Intermediate, and Master levels. Concentration selections at these levels include trapeze, aerial fabric, lyra, sling, rope, duo trapeze and more. Consultations in studio management are also available.

For a list of upcoming workshops shown by date, go to our Workshops page.

Each workshop level offers a Certificate of Completion, and anyone interested in taking the workshops is welcome to sign up to participate in the progressive levels as long as they fulfill the stated prerequisites.

The Certificate of Completion does not speak to the competency of the participant but asserts that the participant has completed the workshop. If the Trainee is interested in a competency Certification, Nimble Arts offers a long term, customized mentor based qualification. For those wanting to add in a qualification component that provides a Teacher Certificate from Nimble Arts, we develop a personalized study program.

The program begins with the Introduction to Teaching Aerials and subsequent appropriate workshops as components but will include pointed training in a variety of other modalities (eg anatomy, sports training, rigging certification, etc) as appropriate for the goal of the NATCP Trainee. The program offers three training levels (Foundation, Intermediate & Master) and at each level there are Technical, Practical and Enrichment requirements that need to be fulfilled before the trainee can receive their Teacher Certificate from Nimble Arts. Nimble Arts assigns a mentor who observes actual teaching situations by the participant, offering feedback and guidance and eventually an assertion of competency.

Before applying for the Certification Program, trainees must take the workshop Introduction to Teaching Aerials. At that time, workshop trainees can apply to the Nimble Arts Teacher Certification Program.

Nimble Arts™ Teacher Certification Program
$595 per concentration level
note: we plan to expand this program in the future to non-aerial skills, but currently only aerial trainings are offered

For full details about the Certification Course including completion requirements and fees, and the application forms, please review the documents below.

Important Documents:
Program Information
Reference form
Application: see below

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Definitely check out Nimble Arts' teacher training programs! The coaches are not only amazing at teaching spotting, skill progression, and class management skills, but also encourage trainees to think critically as teachers to provide a safe and positive training environment to students. Kaeti Fraedi

. . .how much the teacher training workshops meant to me and what a positive effect it has had. It was the first time I've had open access to a large network of aerialist professionals and instructors. You were so supportive and generous with your time and wealth of knowledge. I will forever be changed as a teacher and as a person. Jackie Joy