Founded by Elsie Smith & Serenity Smith Forchion who offer duo and solo aerial acts, Nimble Arts is their company that offers world class circus artists as well as an ensemble touring production. Currently on tour in New England and recently honored by an invitation to the Jacob’s Pillow dance festival, this is the up-and-coming company to work with. If you are looking for a full theatrical touring show, or stunning acts for your special event, a ringmaster to enliven your auction or a customized production for your corporate party, consider Nimble Arts!

For inquiries email directly at trapeze@sover.net.
See a time lapse video of our freestanding aerial rig setting up:
Nimble Arts freestanding aerial rig

Nimble Arts was founded by identical twin aerialists Elsie Smith & Serenity Smith Forchion to create inventive works of theatrical circus. The rest of the ensemble includes performers formerly with the worlds leading theatrical circus companies including Cirque du Soleil, Cirque Eloize, Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey, Pickle Family Circus and Circa. The troupe of jugglers and aerialists and acrobats have garnered numerous awards for their individual talents and are available for booking as individual artists or as a group: juggling, German wheel, Chinese Pole, acrobatic clown duo, acrobatic trio, duo trapeze, solo rope, aerial fabric, mime and more! Acts for Booking

Some Bookings available for 2016/17 Season
MIRAGE: A CIRCUS LIFE is a new production from the acclaimed touring company of Nimble Arts. If you like skillful, fun, poetic, awe inspiring entertainment, this is the family show of the season! The theater doors open upon a lone clown-like character, meticulously applying his makeup as the audience filters in. Join the award-winning ensemble as they meander amongst the audience, then join the action onstage, transforming from everyday people into inventive, daring and humorous entertainers with an astonishing array of talents. MIRAGE: A Circus Life was developed around a freestanding aerial sculpture upon which the ensemble company swings and dances, defies gravity and succumbs to it. As the show progresses the sculpture gets taller and more complex until the final dramatic moment when the entire contraption comes apart in a surprising finale. The show is suitable for All Ages.

AND MORE. . .!
The twins individually choreograph and teach for circus, dance & theater companies and schools. Serenity helped found San Francisco's Circus Center & was Pilates captain for Cirque du Soleil where she worked closely with physical therapists to promote injury prevention & rehabilitation. Elsie has a coach's certification in trampoline & has choreographed for the UGA Dance department, Circus Smirkus, Umo Ensemble, Pilobolus & Sea World, among others. They offer an array of Workshops as well as progressive Aerial Teacher Trainings.

In 2007 they founded the New England Center for Circus Arts. for recreational and professional students. The two continue to teach at NECCA leading the curriculum development and the professional training programs, as well as perform regularly.

For inquiries about custom events indoors or outdoors, theatrical shows and instructional workshops, email directly at trapeze@sover.net.

Nimble Arts also builds aerial equipment that is 'by aerialists, for aerialists'. See our Aerial Equipment sales page for Fabrics, Trapezes, Aerial Yoga Hammocks and rigging specific to these apparatus.


Fee support for Nimble Arts may be available to nonprofit organizations through the New England States Touring (NEST) program of the New England Foundation for the Arts. Visit
www.nefa.org for more information.